Arkansas at LSU DH game 1 (series game 2)

So how do y’all want me to post after each inning? Do you like to see the line score or would you prefer the image showing the results of the previous half inning?

Please do the normal Marty.

Need to take advantage here get some early runs

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Well bases loaded and Franklin at the plate base hit. 2 RBI’s. I’d say good start and Franklin is hot!

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Atta boy Christian

Bob moore is in the house!

Not his 1st triple of the year dude!

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This is fun!


Way to go up there to hit Smith!

No but it sure was pretty! The triple is more exciting than a homer. Moore has speed.

Great start! Need Pallette to be sharp!

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LSU was supposed to fill the stadium. Hummm lots of fair weather fans it appears.


Great start. Now we need our pitching to be sharp. I remember that Ole Miss game where we jumped to the big early lead and almost blew it. Don’t want another like that. Regardless, I love starting with 5 runs in the first.

Yes Pallette needs to be sharp for sure. It would be nice to be able to let Kopps sit this first game without having to pitch.
3 up 3 down is a good start. Need some more runs.

3 up 3 down me likey

Paullette a good ole Benton Panther.

LSU fans are pretty rude at times. I have meet a few good folks at LSU games in the past. They have better things to do than go watch their tigers get beat.