Arkansas at La Tech game 3

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I signed up for ESPN+ but it has game still at 200 on the schedule

Same here
I feared that might happen with the time change

Seems to be a problem sometimes

Same here. The only spot they have that you can click on is set for 1:00 central time.

Time to listen to Phil on Tunein.

I’ve reported the issue to ESPN+.
They told me the game was at 1. I said no, it was changed yesterday.

I called ESPN+ support and they have “escalated it to tech support”


Same old issue here. I’m listening to Phil.

doing it now,1st time in a long time

The game is being broadcast now on sec+.

says unable to display at this time on mine

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says unable to play video on mine

The video portal is up now, I had the video but now the game won’t load.

Well, the game shows up (ROKU), but when I click on it, it says unable to connect. I tried 2 other games, and no problem? Could that be a Roku problem for just this game?

Having same problem
They have it listed in correct time but it still won’t load

It’s ESPN backend trouble… They are working on it.

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In live chat, I was advised that they are aware of the video error and are working on the problem.