Arkansas at La Tech game 1 thread

Very tough LH on the mound, come out swinging and maybe we can get a Hold of a couple, be Palette biggest challenge so far, have to keep the ball on the corners

I wonder if that no dirt mound affects the pitchers?

I’ll post at the end of each Razorback half inning.

After 2.5

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Boom! Yes sir Goodheart!

Good to have LH get some good swings against a tough LH

Goodheart will hit just about anyone on the mound.

Note the number of pitches for Pallette. He could continue for a while.

I take it back.

We Will find out who we can count on in the bullpen, they let us down big-time right there, LT is a great hitting team, didn’t think 3 woukd win, come on off get em back