Arkansas at Georgia game 2

I’m at the dog show & I will have no updates.

Thank Marty enjoy the show…

I like the lineup. There are a lot of good hitters in there and I really like the batting order…Hopefully Mac will be sharp.I have a hard time trusting him but we need a great 6-7 innings out of him and the offense needs to take advantage of opportunities a lot better than last night.

It would be nice to get 6 or 7 innings out of MCEntire. The changes in the lineup shake things up a little. Just make the routine plays on defense and I think our Hogs get the W.

Not a very good start taking a pitch right down the middle of the plate for strike 3.

Very easy three up three down inning.

You better be sharp Mac

Nice job Mac……


Good start for Mac…pretty good CB…just keep it down.

Thought that 4th ball was a strike. But I’m kinda a homer…

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Definitely a 50-50 ball

If he was wearing 32 I’d swear he’s Sandy Koufax….

Swing the bat!!! You’ve already seen that he’s calling strikes on the corner…(unless we throw it LOL) you can’t be giving away strikes that are right in The hitting zone. He’s made several mistakes already we haven’t made him pay for it

Pretty uninspired at bats so far

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The strike zone is high and wide. So there’s no excuse for walks.

Yeah they’re very uninspired when the bat stays on the shoulder

You better not go to the plate looking. You better be taking a rip.

Keep the ball down Mac they’re not going up there to watch it

Well the pitch up leaves the yard. Dawgs up early.

Yeah like I said they’re not going up there to watch the ball they may strike out some but they’re going up there to crush it and they just did.

Both LH hitters hit the ball hard the lead off guy crushed it right at Stovall.

Trying to get a pitchers count up sometimes backfires. We let too many strikes go by without even attempting to swing. Georgia scores a lot of runs. We can’t afford to continue to play catch-up

And another home run. Had that batter 0-2. Screwed around and left another one up.