Arkansas at Georga game 2 discussion

Whoever is doing the graphics for SEC+ coverage is darned poor at it. They have had the ball/strike count wrong for both of the first two batters. :o

Murphy looked so good on those first two batters; had the K on the first one & now all of a sudden we’re down 3-2. And I was about to start breathing easy after our at bat.

Murphy throwing BP not fooling a soul!!unbelievable.

It’s not Murphy that’s the problem. Defense gave them 5 outs.

he’s not sharp lot of hard hit balls.maybe he will get together

Got Jawja’s starter out of the game. Need to make them pay for his lack of sharpness. They made Murphy pay for his in the first.

let them off the hook there,hard to believe Kjerstad never took the bat off his shoulder.

Strike 3 was well off the plate. Should have been tied up.

This game is starting to look like Game 5 of the World Series last year. Minus the train whistles.

Nice two-out hitting from Kenley and Cole! And the RBI grounder by Gates shouldn’t be overlooked either.

great to see Kenley get that big hit! good for him!

we would have 100 HRs in their Ballpark with that short porch in RF :shock:

murphy got hosed that was a 3rd strike and then he walked him hope it doesn’t hurt

It didn’t hurt. Kacey seems to have settled in. Maybe we can get 6 out of him. Or until they bring out the tarp.

Oops. Spoke too soon. Lightning in the Athens area. At least 30 minutes delay.

yes he has found his groove but this delay may end his day we will see,he’s not a power pitcher so he may can throw a couple more

The umpire has been poor with the strike zone! After this delay it would be nice to see Murphy pitch into the 6th or 7th but it may not happen.
The first inning hurt him giving Georgia 5 outs.

I think the ump has been consistent. Low and away to a left-handed hitter is going to be a strike unless it’s really far out there. Kacey has gotten a few of those too.

So far, I don’t have a problem with this guy’s zone. Zones do vary from ump to ump, but the main thing is tha they are consistent - to both teams - during the course of a game.

I don’t remember which game last weekend (think it was the first game - not 100% sure), but one of the A&M games drove me nuts because what was a strike (or ball) one pitch was not a pitch or two later. I remember one sequence in particular, early in the game, when we were in the field. Our pitcher threw a ball that split the plate, but he called it low even though IMO it was in the bottom part of the zone. It wasn’t inside or outside (it could not have been more “center cut”), so he had to have called it low. Very next pitch, same spot except probably an inch or two lower - and he called that one a strike! Things like that drive me crazy.

The call 3rd strike to Heston wasn’t close!