Arkansas at Florida: game thread Nov 14, 2020

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When is kick-off?

Come on D. Hold them to a fg.

A lot of standing around but again, lots of holding on that TD

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TD and half of the quarter gone I knew when we didnโ€™t stop that third-down play(make that catch 1/10 Times) ,they were going to drive down and score, we cannot allow them to run the ball like they did

This might be one of those games where our offense will inspire our defense. Go, Franks!

Wow! Way to go, guys! Put the pressure on their offense to keep up with us.

Boom! That a boy Franks, he is throwing the Deep ball incredibly well

How about that protection?


Good Job Franks!!!

Everybody did great!

OMG you got to be kidding me! Knock the ball down!great recovery in 4th down though

Good job D!

Two tips that go Floridaโ€™s way, but good job defense getting the turnover on downs.

Yes! Way to go.

Ughโ€ฆwhy do I get the feeling that there will be a flag when we come back from commercial.

Nice pressure D

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Cause we in Fla and they ranked

We actually got a break!

Yikes that was obvious

Just get rid of it!!!