Arkansas at Colorado State game thread

Post 'em here or they will get moved here. :sunglasses:

My local watering hole hasn’t located CBSSN yet…

What watering hole is that?

Buffalo Wild Wings in FS

Memphis at Navy is just over on CBSSN right now. It is wet in Annapolis.

Dre Greenlaw and Randy Ramsey are not dressed out for warmups. I also do not see Dorian Gerald or C.J. O’Grady anywhere on the field.

Ty Storey is taking the first-team snaps in the pregame, so it would appear he would start. Arkansas has not named a starter.

Colorado State is also wearing special uniforms tonight - white helmets, green tops and white pants. It is the second time both teams have worn the helmets they have on tonight.

It appears Britto Tutt is running with the first-team defense.

Good stop by D. Better to give up 3 than 6.

Offensive line has a ways to go

The offsides was a big break.

What a play by Pulley. That was a big time interception.

Holding call in Frojholdt was extremely bogus.

It’s early but we do not look good.

Storey looks as bad as Kelly did last week…maybe worse.

Agree. Put them behind the chains.

Definitely struggling. Opposite of last week.

Running game good, passing game not.

Good experience for Storey on the road, But he has been off on almost every pass. Hopefully he will settle down or bring on Cole

Storey is not accurate enough for us to be successful, this isn’t getting fixed in this stage of his career.