Arkansas at Bama game thread - 2021

Woo Pig Sooie!! Go Hogs!!


Texass lost, so the day is already off to a good start.

I wonder which team the announcers will give the most air time to.

I herby do swear that I will remain calm and relaxed. We are playing with House Money

The second part is true
The first part is ….less certain

We scared to throw?

About a 20-yard punt
Not good

Well, we can move the ball, just gotta stay out loss of yard situations.

Yeah we had a chance to pin them deep

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On that second play, Dom would have gone to the house if they missed that tackle. There are opportunities if Limmer can block somebody.

So close

Punt was 31 yards, and they don’t want to give Bama anything to return.

Well definitely accomplished that for sure

Blitzed and Gregory got through

Of course they don’t penalize Alabama

Tht a boyGrant Morgan got a way to blitz and get in there

How about that fourth down defense!

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Take that!

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Awesome!! We have been exceptionally good on 4th down short yardage defense this year awesome job guys

That works!!

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