Arkansas at Auburn, rubber game

Is game not on 92.1?

Martin doesn’t take very many pitches! He swings at just about anything thrown

It would not be, because of the spring football game at 3 PM.

Good to have the lead but this guy has nothing that impresses you,thought we wwould be hitting him much better than we are.Wicklander has been great just hope he can keep it up.

big 3 run bomb by Ezell!! 5-0!!

Whew. Wicklander made that Auburn 5th a bit too exciting. He’s given us 5 good innings, though. If Scroggins can come in and give us two good ones, we should be in good shape. I never thought we’d have a chance to win this series, especially after that 1st game, but chances are good now. Probably need another 2-3 runs to feel really good.

yeah Wicklander was playing with fire for sure but he has proven today he can be a weekend starter and he may very well do that especially with Vandy having a lineup full of LH batters.

Wicklander has shown that he is a starter and NOT a reliever.

we have been waiting to see.

Very very sharp.

He’s just a different pitcher when he starts.

We have one smart coach. DVH had the team come to the ball park “late.” They did not take BP nor did they take infield. They showed up relaxed and ready to play. Aubie took a full BP and infield.

It’s sort of like the way DVH learned about NOT allowing the team to eat more than a light snack during rain delays.

Wow, a shut out! Color me impressed.

huge win!way to go guys,showed a lot of heart! really needed this one.

5 hit shutout, on the road, 3rd game of the weekend, against a top 20 team. Wps