Arkansas at Auburn game 1

Come out swinging the bats guys let’s get Connor a lead

Great job of going with that pitch Wallace… Now we got to get him in

Great lead for fed double.

I was surprised that we are tied in the series 48 all.

Stupid base running by Wallace!!! Cannot make the first out at third base

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Frustrating. I thought we were about to get an early lead

Slavens robbed with a great catch up against the centerfield wall that’s just our freaking luck

Imagine looking at Robert Moore’s .185 BA I’m SEC play and thinking he should bat third

Well we’re swinging the bat.

He’s had some bad luck when hitting lately. I sure hope he gets it going.

Just dissapointing

Yeah this guy’s fastball is straight as a string. Big league curveball that we don’t want to see so we need to come up swing in the bats

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Nothing shocking with that start — leadoff double and can do absolutely nothing with it.

He’s a career .210 hitter in SEC play. When does it no longer get considered bad luck?

That long fly would nave scored Turner from 3rd.

Man we all know you think Moore sucks you don’t have to keep pointing out his batting average… Major league Baseball thinks he’s pretty good though

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I don’t think he sucks. I don’t know why he keeps batting in the middle of the order.

And we don’t know what MLB thinks of him yet until draft day. There was a time when we all thought Casey Martin was a first rounder

I think Wallace’s out is partly on the 3B coach. He didn’t seem to realize the throw was coming his way. Coach should have let him know and signaled him to get down. Wasn’t a good throw, he could have gotten under the tag with a slide.

Yeah you do because you’ve been on him about his batting average he could easily be hitting 260-70 with all the line drives he’s had caught and he should have about seven or eight home runs that the wind has robbed him on he’s hitting the ball a lot better than his average.

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