Arkansas at Auburn, DH game 2

First pitch at 5:40

Phil says that it will likely be 5:50 for first pitch. That should mean that we will only miss the first 10 minutes on SECN+ (schedule shows a 6 PM start and far be it for ESPN to start it when the game starts).

I’m listening to the radio.

I played around and found a different link. This one is live.

Missing 10 minutes after the last 31/2 innings of game 1 may be a blessing! I still can’t believe the way that 6 th inning went.

Right now it’s hard to get excited when we get a lead.

After turning a 6-4-3 DP, Hogs get benefit of a bad umpiring call. A foul off the Auburn batter’s foot is called a 1-3 out (it was not a reviewable play.)

SO much for a lead! Auburn 2 run homer ties it up! I guess pulling Noland at the end of 4 innings may need to start happening.

Interesting decision to bring in Cody in relief

Not sure what you do tomorrow but as Jesus said “tomorrow will take care of itself”

Or something like that

DVH is doing all he can to win this game. I think that’s why Cody is in. Hard to believe we might lose 2 games blowng 3-0 leads.

We just aren’t hitting worth a lick

Need something good to happen

Could be looking at FIVE straight losses

If we hit a dinger a BIG bat flip would be appropriate…

Right now, trailing 3-4 in B7, I’d say the 5 game losing streak is almost a gimme. It’s the 6 game streak I’m worried about.

Yeah I get that too

Well we’ve tied it back up but still have to take the lead and somehow hold on. Which is highly questionable given the state of the bullpen.

If we could get the lead now it’s Cronin time and you feel pretty good, but their 3B saves them

If Arkansas takes the lead, Matt Cronin will throw the Razorbacks’ next pitch. That’s one pitcher who has not let the bullpen down.

That stinks…

Cronin time anyway

If it was anyone but Cronin pitching, we would be trailing again.
Great job, Cronin!
Now let’s get the lead and win this one!!!