Arkansas at Auburn, DH game 1

More lineup shuffles

I think this is our best lineup I really fo,hope we just stick with it.

I sure hope Martin has some good AB’s today! I agree with the lineup.

Any tv for today’s games?
I assume the rainout last night eliminated any live tv telecast? I’m sure it’s still streaming?

It should be streaming, although I keep getting the message “Unable to play video.” I’m hoping that is just because it is a few minutes before first pitch.

not even listed om watch espn

The game is not showing up on my ESPN app…

I’m watching it on SEC+

its on now we went 3 up 3 down

Sure did. Tanner Burns is as advertised…he is a stud. Did not throw one ball to the 3 batters.

Isaiah is a stud too.

Burns is going to try to blow it by you and slip in a slider every now and then,I like our aggressivness though just will take used to that speed.yes Campbell looked very good as usual.

Nice start in 2nd!

really surprised he didn’t bunt Kenley

good job nesbit!!

runner on 3rd one out and both martin and fletch KO. that hurt.

There is a reason that I watch TV while listening to the radio. Radio has had a glitch and is out of commission for now.

Like Isaiah pitch count after 3.

We have had some good AB’s and then we have equally had poor AB’s with runners in scoring position. Franklin can’t lay off the high heater. Both AB’s.

they are hitting the ball harder than we are… lot of at em balls Campbell only 1 K. hopefully he will get better as he goes like last week.