Arkansas at Alabama: rubber game

Boom! That away Casey!! And Heston!!

Double killed a chance at a huge inning… but 2 better than none.

Stinking errors have let them right back in the game… unbelievable…

Great job by the offense for getting those runs back!!

He needs the work and we need 6 outs.

Only a couple of errors on the scoreboard, but we’ve failed to get some balls we should have. Let them score on WP strikeouts… Fortunately, we got out of that 7th inning with no damage. I wouldn’t mind adding a couple of more runs here in the 8th & 9th just to give us a bit more insurance. 6 run lead is nice going into 8, but I’m not as confident as I’d like to be.

Great road series win!
Way to bounce back from a poor showing yesterday!
Pitching wasn’t great, but good enough! Bats came alive today.

I thought the pitching was pretty good today. There were five walks, but only once were there multiple walks in an inning. Scroggins gave the team five solid innings and Kostyshock, Kopps and Cronin were able to get some work. There were 10 strikeouts and five hits allowed.

The defense didn’t back up the pitchers too well. Kjerstad lost a couple of balls in the sun and I still think the fielders are having a difficult time adjusting to a shorter first baseman. Martin’s throwing error is an out if the first baseman is 6-foot tall. There were three errors charged to Arkansas, although I’m not sure I agreed with giving Kenley an error on the ball that was kicked by the runner sliding into second base.

Nice bounce-back after getting waxed yesterday. They have a tough stretch coming up and needed that confidence boast.