Arkansas at Alabama game 3

Well I’m hopping for a win! No matter what happens today our hogs have played their tales off the past 4 years a spoiled each and everyone of us!

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Well it’s all come down to this we either got put up or shut up. We got another chance against our arch nemesis a LHP. There should be no reason whatsoever for us not to hit this guy.5.02 ERA. Has given up 55 hits in 52 innings. League is hitting 272 against him. His last two starts LSU scored 6 runs jn 4 innings Auburn scored 5 runs on him in 2 innings… I like that 6 of our first 7 hitters are right-handed and that we’ve seen LH pitching for almost six innings this weekend I have a feeling we’re going to come through today.

We have to have Wiggins pitch the way he did last weekend we cannot afford to have him come out all over the place although it will be a very short lease and I’m sure Smith will be ready to go if need be

We here. Please be swingers today, and don’t wave when bunting, and don’t windmill your bat in front of their pitcher.

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Once again, we are well represented today

decent start. 1 out then Webb with a single. And a 4 pitch walk to Moore.

Hey we got a chance guys let’s take advantage of it

There you go what I’m talking about!!. Now we have to get this guy in from third right here


Nice start.

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All right. Two runs to start, 2 on & only 1 out. A big inning here would be nice.

Starting everybody off with a curveball be ready

Good start guys we got 2 early. Now Wiggins you have to come out pitching well

Not the big inning I started hoping for, but it’s sure nice to start with a 2 run lead. Now if Wiggins can pitch well with this lead.

Well maybe the loss last night woke up our hogs.
Scoring 2 in the first is a great start

Nice to get another early lead. Just home we can avoid another big inning meltdown like yesterday.
Go Hogs!

We’ve seen left-handers almost six innings this weekend hopefully that helped us. Looking good that first inning

Their pitcher has already thrown about 23 pitches. Maybe we can get him out early.

For those wondering, Arkansas is wearing camo hats today in observance of Armed Forces Day.


The RHH looked good the lefties. It so good.

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Wiggins looking solid so far! Seems to have good command of his pitches

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Great start Wiggins. Super control