Arkansas at Alabama game 2

At least Gregory is swinging

Yeah I don’t remember the last hit Gregory has gotten but you’re right at least he swung the bat

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Really nice start for Connor.

Missed this Noland for a couple weeks

Good job Connor… let’s get that boy some runs

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I’ve noticed we do better when we get that lead off guy on base…… :wink:

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This guy starting to go to nothing but breaking balls

What kind of pitch is that? It’s wicked.

Hes calling it a change up looks like a breaking ball to me. Whatever it is we have no clue how to hit it

Well if Gregory battles at the plate that’s all we can ask for. He has come up with a lot of timely hits as a hog.

The pitcher doesn’t have the same stuff from the stretch.

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Good eye there army….

C’mon, Connor. Get it together.

Just like that we got drama


Well infield single off Stovall and a walk to the 8 and 9 hole hitters to get back to the top of the order. We need a ground ball double play.


Need a DP
Never mind


Not now. The fly out took care of part of it now 2 outs. It the 2 hole hitters is at the plate.

Bout like that triple play against the gals softball game last week?

What a weak lucky bounce
Moore playing too deep

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Connor has a lot of bad luck….

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