Arkansas at Alabama game 2

hopefully Connor can get back in a groove

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We are present. Twice the crowd; maybe 2,000 at right now

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Yell Loud Fred


Surprised Bama leads 49-46 all time.

I’ve seen a lot of hog losses on this field. Don’t win here often.

After this weekend I hope it’s 48-49!
Connor needs to be good tonight.

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Turner is really struggling

Girls run ruled Princeton


Kinda like me and Hog vs Vol football in Knoxville.

Connor is dealing

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Great start 3 up 3 down. It’s nice to see the ground outs!

Good start Connor

aTm up 3-0 on Ole Miss in the 1st. The Rebs sure picked a heck of a weekend to implode, just when we need a helping hand, lol.

That hurts….yikes…

Poor Stovall

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Judging by the cheers we might have 30% of the crowd here.


Attaboy Stovall way to go with that pitch

Here we go second and third one out what are we going to do

Way to put the ball in play Jalen we got one out of it


Battles has done a good job in the past few weeks of advancing base runners. That is at least the third time since the Auburn series he has scored a runner from third with less than two outs.


Yes his bat is really coming on Matt. He had some great swings last night