Arkansas at Alabama: game 1

I must say that the Bama live stats site is not particularly user friendly. They have not input the starting lineups yet. That’s OK, I found them anyway.

Good start with Heston hitting the early homer! 1-0 hogs

Franklin is just nails with men in scoring position!

What a great start with a home run by kjerstad and a base hit by Franklin let’s keep it going

Yeah 6-0 is keeping it going. HK with the three-run single, Ezell with a double

Let’s use up their pitching tonight!

Everyone is hitting!

Kjerstad says just thank goodness I’m seeing some right-handed pitching!we are crushing this guy just like we did last year you got to love it!

That was one heck of a job by Kjerstad on that single. Low and away, he went with it and drilled it to left center.

Kicking the extra point in the second inning ain’t bad.

What an effort by Martin scoring from first on Heston’s single after being HBP! Go hogs.

3-2 count with 2 outs, he was off with the pitch, but you still have to be busting it to score from first on a single. Centerfielder wasn’t dogging it either.

Campbell not quite as sharp tonight they’re getting some pretty good swings off of him hopefully he’ll get back in form.

Nice catch by Franklin!

Great catch by Franklin! In the words of Muhammad Ali, he’s a baaad man!

That was an awesome catch!!!

I can’t believe it took going down 8-0 for Bama to get somebody up in the bullpen.

Franklin again!


Franklin made that catch look very easy! Got Campbell lot of trouble right there for sure.

Amazing how we can be hitting everything and then all the sudden hit nothing this second guy they brought and don’t have a whole lot(4.50 ERA) we let him get ahead in the count by taking pitches.then he throws off-speed.

That’s what I’m talkin about nesbitt show these guys this guy ain’t got nothing!!

Got the field goal to go along with the touchdown.

For somebody who didn’t have his best stuff, seven shutout innings and 7 Ks ain’t bad.