Arkansas-Arkansas State Game 2 Postgame Presser

Post the A-State presser…

Visiting teams haven’t done press conferences at Baum this season.

Visiting teams have never had press conferences at Baum, unless it is a regional or super regional.

Van Horn’s press conference starts almost immediately after the game ends. Sometimes you can get a few words with the opposing head coach and get to Van Horn’s press conference, but it’s not a given. Every team has a different post-game routine.

I can’t imagine what the ASU coach could say. Something along the lines of, “We played well enough that we didn’t get run-ruled either night.” Or, “We really played well in that inning where we didn’t swing the bat & they walked in 2 runs for us. All in all, it was great for our kids to come here & see the tremendous facilities & then get back on the bus to play a home stand at that American Legion field we call home.”

As much as I loathe Arkansas State athletics, I kinda felt sorry for the players. They got to see what we have, know they can’t keep up, and still tried to compete. It’s not their fault the way their fans back home act. I wish we’d have at least had a good crowd so they could have enjoyed the experience of playing in front of one. Unfortunately the weather, time & days of the games, & caliber of the competition kept our fans away.

I checked the ASU baseball roster. Was surprised. They have 9-10 players from NWA. Three from Canada. U Memphis recruits a lot of Canadians in some sports, particularly on the women’s side.

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