Arkansas and a host of others


Muss leaves no stone unturned. I am truly impress with his attention to every possible avenue and aspect when it comes to his job. What an amazing work ethic and drive. We are so fortunate to have him as our head coach.



This guy is a yanimal! Thunderous dunks

One thing you know with an Ivy guy is he’s intelligent. They don’t take dummies.

I know it’s still very early for the portal this year but another experienced big who can defend the rim and rebound who can spell JWill, play along w JWill in big line ups, and take JWill’s place if he happens to go pro (Which I don’t think will happen) is our biggest need for next year.

This guy would certainly fit the bill

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Yes please!

Read on another board that the coaching staff likes Gainey A LOT. But as can be seen from the list above, Arkansas has much competition for his services,

There’s really a lot to like about this guy. 1st, he’s got 2 years eligibility left because Brown didn’t play basketball in 2020/21 due to Covid. He’s really improved each of his 3 seasons at Brown.

This past season:
70% FG shooter
6.9 RPG - 24 mpg - 11.5 RPG per 40 min
2.1 BPG - 24 mpg - 3.5 BPG per 40 min
9.3 PPG - 24 min - 15.5 PPG per 40 min.

Only drawback I see is 51.9 FT%. I’ll bet the staff can get that % up.

Really fits the Hogs’ most glaring need for next season.

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I haven’t posted about any transfers because often Arkansas just goes through the process of making contact. But this one is different. That’s why I posted.

We’ll see where it goes.

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Anyone who was on a roster during the 20-21 school year gets six years to play five, which is why Toney and JD can come back next year. Gainey’s played three so he has two more. It doesn’t make any difference whether he didn’t play at all or played a limited schedule in the 20-21 season, they still get the extra year.

I guess skipping 20-21 means he’s playing the fifth year in 2024, not 2023, though.

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