Arkansas allows 58 points ins 2nd

A lot of talk about FTs but 58 second half points is what I see. They allowed 28 in the first half. Ouch.

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Yep. This one’s on us. All those drive-by layups and missed free throws doomed us…

You are absolutely correct.
Don’t mean to be harsh, but golly G, It gets frustrating to watch. Horrendous second half defense, lousy free throw shooting and severe inability to score at the basket…all on us. Thought after the Vanderbilt game we would never ever see another 50+ half against a CEM team. I was wrong.
It’s late February and this team has yet to correct its deficiencies of poor free throw shooting, bad second half defense and inescapable poor scoring inside the paint under the basket.
Good news though. The team has reduced its turnover rate. Very proud of them for that particular achievement.
Despite their inadequacies, I am still expecting a deep run in the SEC and NCAA tournaments. They have the talent and coaching to put it all together in the end. Just wish it would be sooner rather than later.
UA…Campus of Champions

Guys, nobody despises the Tide here more than
me. But they are the best team in the SEC and a solid #1 seed in the Tournament. You didn’t just expect them to roll over did you? We had a legit shot to beat them. With Nick back, this team is night and day different. Would be even better had TB not blown his ACL. Free throw shooting cost us the game. Fundamentals Acosta us again. I’m tired of it too. But this team is getting better at the right time of year. Have a feeling if we get Bummer in the SEC Tournament on a neutral floor, we beat them.


You could argue rebounding cost us as much as FT shooting. But you can’t argue that giving up 58 points in a half is ok.

lack of execution of the fundamentals has been frustrating for sure

I feel like this team has underachieved a good portion of the conference season…too many losses to the basement dwellers and mid-pack teams

but it’s certainly capable of winning the national championship

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I posted similar in another thread. We should have known the #2 team, at home, was going to go on a nice run in the 2nd half. As poorly as we played during most of the 2nd half, we still had a shot to tie at the end of regulation. Bama played great for 18 minutes of the 2nd half, but if we had just hit half of our 2nd half 8 missed free throws, we win the game.

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The team should have expected Bummer to come out strong in the second half. That’s on them for sure.

But if we just didn’t let Bama go on a 18-0 run….

That wouldn’t have mattered if we just had made half of our 8 unguarded missed free throws.

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Yup and FTs wouldn’t have mattered if we had played better d in the second half.

Alabama was good but our interior D in the paint was not good in the second half. First half was exceptional.

We missed TB badly yesterday. He was a much better matchup against Bama’s long bigs , who aren’t really physical but very active. TB would’ve scored very well against Bama in both games against the Tide. Oh well.

The Mitchell bros. were outclassed athletically by Bama’s front court yesterday. The two of them matchup much better against Tenn. less athletic bigs, so there’s hope for Tuesday to go in and win that game.

AB was in foul trouble and his man attacked him at every opportunity, even if help came over they passed the ball or just got it on the rim and the tide rebounded and scored. On offense we missed lay ups or took bad shots, also we drove too deep into the defense and either charged or turned the ball over. Most games we have lost this year was much like the one yesterday, came out flat after halftime and when they jumped out to the big lead we expelled to much energy to fight all the way back and came up just short of a win. If we learn to come out strong after halftime and figure out how to finish we will have an opportunity yet to get to the dance. WPS

so many of the losses have been self-inflicted

that’s what’s so frustrating

Indeed at times we have been our own worst enemy, lots of talent and usually play hard. I think lack of continuity has been the biggest detriment, we only had two players return from last seasons team and only one of those has contributed in most games. Not sure that we have a single player that is ready for the next level at this time, they all would benefit greatly by having another year at the college level. We don’t have any players that are what one would call a problem player, roster full of good guys, lots of talent and willing attitudes. We just haven’t come together as a team and don’t I blame any one player or coach for the reason , it’s just the way things happen some times. Fans, coaches and players all had lofty expectations starting the season and then injuries, inexperience and lack of time playing together caused the wheels to fall off the buggy and disappointment sets in for not meeting those lofty expectations. We all have seen this a hundred times throughout college sports and no one is ever ready for it to happen to their team. I have been critical at times as most everyone has and I have no excuses, we are fortunate to have the coach we have and the talent he has brought to Arkansas, this season is not over and better times are on the horizon for our program. WPS

The hogs need to look in the mirror! There lies the answer. Its on the players to man up and win the battle with their man period. 58 points allowed in a half is pretty bad. No excuse. Falling asleep and giving up a long pass to Miller was deflating.
Defense could have won the game and it didn’t.
Fouling Sears 4 times in a row and sending him to the line was pretty bad too!
Making free throws is also on the players.
It’s water under the bridge. Flush it.

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