Arkansas allowed a sack every 12.6 pass attempts

In regard to the OL Roundtable’s 12.6 question, Clay begins his thoughts with, “I will have to see it to believe it.”

Now that might be typical reader hyperbole, but it was an unusual and disconcerting comment from Clay. Coupled with, “bulk and strength was lacking”, it sure sounds like the OL is poised for further disappointment in 2019?

I was really hoping for a list of encouraging signs.

As stated by most of us several times, the season will mostly depend on the Oline (nothing new there - same everywhere). I see very little to hope for much to change. Hope I am wrong. What still amazes me is how the past coach failed to recruit SEC Olinemen to “Oline U”.

Seems the new group is doing a little better in this area, but it is still not great or close to where it should be. Surely they realize that any QB needs a little room and time to get the ball to the pretty boys.

I keep hoping for change in this area, but have yet to see it. Like Clay, I am very much in the “show me” mind, and have been for some time.

I am like Clay,will definently have to see it to beleive it b/c we return 2 of the same ones who were responsible for that…Clary is just not an SEC OL so I am really hoping the Fr Limmer(already bigger and more physical than Clary) can come in and learn the playbook and calls and win the position.Jackson has been overmatched since he stepped on campus and really has showed no signs of improvement so we shall see Hopefully Cunningham wins the spot.We have noone who is going to be better than Froholdt at LG so another weakness for the OL,Wagner is improved but jury still out on him being ready for SEC action(got beat badly by incoming FR in spring game),Capps and Clenin(another one really not shown to be SEC caliber so far) are likely best bets at the OG positions I believe. I like Winkel but will have to see if he can physically handle the OG position. We have a long way to go to but this is the 2nd yr in the systema and that will help alot and I am hopeful we can get the ball out quickly and help us out…I am just ready to see how it goes and then we will know what we got…Go Hogs WPS!

I believe the OL will be better because of being on the same page and some of the young ones stepping forward, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

It’s a process and isn’t going to change overnight.

That’s just how it is.

I expect improvement, but nothing drastic. I still believe they will struggle.

Seldom have I seen spring practice and felt good about the offensive line. It takes time to get the line to a mesh point and it doesn’t happen in the spring. I have heard O-line coaches talk about tinkering a little in both the spring and early in the fall to shuffle guys to find the five that work best together. Then, they leave it alone. I’m looking forward to seeing that. It was a different combination about every week last year during the season. That isn’t going to work, ever. But it was injuries and youth last year. Hopefully a group stays together and can get that mesh it takes in the O-line.