Arkansas all teams recruiting

Thinking about recruiting at Arkansas as a whole and it is pretty impressive.

  1. Football recruting 18-22. Pittman did a great job this year.

  2. Mens BBall last year top 5 class and more good to great classes to come.

  3. Baseball top 5 class. Only a matter of time before Vanhorn wins it all. At least i hope.

  4. Girls BBall. Neighbors is killing it. He may very well be the next coach on the hill to win a natty.

  5. Track and Field. More nattys to come on both the mens and womens side.

Just very impressive the total sports package the UA is putting together. I know I am leaving out some womens sports such as gymnastic, soccer, and softball that all very competitive. We as fans have a lot to be proud of with what is brewing on the hill. Cant wait to see what happens in 2021.

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Both golf teams seem to have attracted additional talent as well.

I don’t understand. NWA is SO hard to recruit to–so backward, so many hillbillies and barefoot women. No dentists.


But Fred, that makes sense. Dentists couldn’t make a living here. We hillbillies don’t have teeth and don’t have enough money to buy false teeth. :disappointed:

When Fred (Tuschawg) left Northwest Arkansas (with his degree) and moved to Tuscaloosa there was a bump up in the IQ of both places.


Why thank you, Clay. That was nice of you.

Just kidding. He he!

Why I played for the Ozark Hillbilly’s. Didn’t have to buy a mouthpiece for football.

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