Arkansas-Alabama has been officially scheduled for Dec. 12

The time and TV network will be announced after games are played this weekend, likely sometime Sunday.

I was kinda hoping that one would be cancelled.

Me too. 4-5 looks quite better than 4-6.

Yep, win tomorrow and win a bowl could finish 5-5 :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Selfishly, I really need this game to happen. Made a substantial wager (substantial for me anyway as I’m not a big gambler) on the Hogs over 1 1/2 wins on the season. It would be just my normal luck for the game to be cancelled and I wouldn’t get to collect my winnings. I figured all along when I had it in the bag early that we would probably end up not playing the full 10 game schedule. And I can see Saban petitioning to the league that there’s no need for Bama to go on the road and play another game ahead of the all important conference championship. Maybe they could send Vandy to Fayetteville instead!! A win-win-win for me, Saban, and the Hogs!

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