Arkansas, Alabama fall in CFP rankings

The Razorbacks fell to No. 25 and the Crimson Tide fell to No. 3.

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That ain’t right

I know it works that way

But did we do anything in that game to indicate we were worse than before it?


I don’t think it’s right but I kind of figured that’s what would happen…glad we’re still in there though bc we most certainly deserve to be

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Maybe since the Tide won. But, they didn’t cover and tOSU was dominant against a top 10 team. Still, Bama only dropped one slot. Somebody thinks they’re pretty good.

Absolutely not 24 teams better than us.

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I’m happy Arkansas is still in the poll and I hope with a convincing win will Finnish the year IN the poll

Trying to be as objective as possible on this. I think the strength of our schedule keeps us in the top 25 with 4 losses. We will beat MO in Fayetteville. The team will be highly motivated to win it.

With an 8-4 record and the strength of schedule consideration, we should stay in the 25 of the CFP. With a win in a bowl game and a 9-4 record, we will have exceeded all expectations.

Will we keep Odom for another year? I think Briles is more likely than not to take a HC position?

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