Arkansas adding a grad transfer catcher

San Francisco catcher Robert Emery has signed to play for the Razorbacks.

Sounds like he’s pretty solid! Glad to have him

By signing a graduate transfer, my guess is that Arkansas’ coaches feel pretty good about Casey Opitz being drafted and signing this year.

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Plus, he is probably not getting scholarship money since the number of signees headed is unsure and there are some high level scholarship guys in that group. Doesn’t look like NCAA is increasing the 11.7 so juggling act on scholarships will happen over the next several weeks.

There is a lot of stuff going on. I would not assume he would not be on money. We need an experienced guy like this. Experienced catchers are in high demand. If we lose Optiz, we have 2 freshmen and a 17 yr old behind him. They all may work out but you have to make a move like this and you have to make sure you land him.

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If nothing else, Emery adds some maturity and maybe some wisdom. That’s not to say the other catchers aren’t mature, but there is value in having an older player around. Emery will turn 24 this fall.

I have updated this story to include some comments from Emery.

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