Arkansas-A&M thread

We were leading when the SAO-Misery game ended and SECN switched over, but that didn’t last long. Aggies are pushing the pace and getting steals and blocks. Wake up, guys.

Playing sloppy with the ball. Vanover is holding the team down against a faster team again.

They can’t miss and we can’t buy a bucket.

That’s not a charge.

I don’t generally post during games (because I get mad and say stupid stuff) but this is the worst we have looked in 2 months.

We miss Williams. Nothing inside…

At this point, keeping in single digits going into half is the goal.

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There is no go to guy because nobody can make a shot

Mason Jones in the Playboy shirt. HA.

ATTACK THE RIM!!! They’re in foul trouble and we’re bailing them out.

Down 7 and the Ags take a TO. Need to cut into it more by the break.

sorry if I missed it but is Williams still COVID

Yes he is.

Davis got away with a double dribble. Can’t even lie. We got a break there.

Just keep it within striking distance men.

Surely ATM can’t keep this shooting percentage up… right?

Moody brought his Agame at least.

Down 3 at halftime. Adjustments and paint blistering to come.

Only down 3 at half. The way this game looked half way into the 1st, I’ll take it.

They slowed down a lot the last 6 minutes.

Tate and Moody are saving our behinds at the moment, but we need to get Smith going to open up the offense more.

Great finish to the half though to keep us in the game.