Arkansas-A&M live updates

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Gotta take the good shot. We’ve got a quick trigger to start. The good thing is we are pushing it because A&M has a starting 5 and not much else, run them out of the gym. Defense must communicate better.

It’s time for Gabe to do his mixed bag. A few good hustle plays and then the horrible 3. I wish he would stick to the lane.

We’re taking open shots, but we need to attack the glass more and draw those fouls on their starters. Defense is playing well, but still need to communicate better.

Sleepwalking. Wake up guys and keep pushing it and fight for rebounds.

Sills sure gave a spark.

Indeed he did, but defensively, we have guys standing around on kick outs and not trying to go after the shooter.

Now we’ve got them in foul trouble, attack the glass.

Hit the floor Bailey

We are shooting extremely poor at the moment. Only 35% at the moment.

This game is horribly slow. Like watching paint dry.

Hard to watch.

Tempo is horrible. Shooting is showing it. This team is not getting better. To many sets, no ball movement, when there is it dies from point to point. Please run and shoot. Play real basketball. Quit passing to the invisible man, he has no hands.

Thank goodness for our bench. They are scoring and sparking our defense. Our starters need to get it together.

A&M is outshooting us, but lucky our defense and shockingly our rebounding is keeping their number of shots down.

Our 4’s need to pick about their 3-2 zone. Their camping on Gafford which leaves Bailey, Chaney, and Gabe open. They’ve got to come through.

Keep attacking

Attacking the basket is setting us up nicely. Keep it up!!!

These refs are now making terrible calls to catch A&M up in the foul department.

Anderson needs to tell Gabe to stop shooting 3’s.

I can’t stand A&M’s offense. All their doing is running at us and trying to draw fouls. That’s not basketball, just chick little ball.

We’ve stopped rebounding. We need to go back to a zone to take away their drives.