Arkansas 95, So Car 89 final

First time Poultry has lost an SECT game in five years, first time a 10 seed has made the semis in 26 years.

Chelsea Dungee scores 31 for the second straight night.

Swine the refs did their best late to help the chickens. The review that gave the ball to SC was really bad! The charge threat led to the SC bucket was equally bad!
The ladies battled and played a great game. It was fun to watch.

I generally never say anything about the refs, but Army is right. They made two really bad call/no call at the end of the game all in favor of South Car…Our girls are really playing good. You get a chance to watch, then do…Count me as a fan.

Coach Neighors is making the Ladybacks a team others won’t want to play. They are all out! I’m impressed with the way they have played last year and this year.

so happy for the team.we still have a ways to go as far as being held in high regards but maybe we can make it to Sunday and turn a few more "national"expects.watching that celebration in the locker room was priceless!!

These days, any Razorback win over a good team in a consequential game nourishes any Hog fan’s soul. Great win. Thank you ladies. Winning is important. You did it!

Thus looks like the Joe Johnson and Brandon Dean led Razorbacks SECT Championship team. All cylinders working and at full blast for two evenings now.

Also similar to Hogs QF win over Florida in last year’s men’s SECT.

Women’s RPI (they don’t have NET) jumped from 90 to 81 tonight according to Warren Nolan. Probably not going to get into at-large territory no matter what, so just go win the whole tournament. Dungee might just put them on her back and do it.

I was frankly surprised they didn’t call Tolefree for a foul when she blocked that three on the much taller girl.

You and me both

I am the same way and usually don’t get into criticizing officials, but those were too awful calls. After the overturned call on the possession was almost criminal, I’m surprised they didn’t call a foul and award SC 3 free throws on the blocked shot!

But just shows a lot of heart and determination by our ladies to stay focused and still get the win. They could have hung their heads also at the end of the 3rd after SC banked in the 3 to take the lead, but the Hogs were not to be denied.

What an awesome, fun win! WPS!

It’s bad when you fully expect the refs to screw you.

Great win! Congrats to all. WPS

Congratulations to lady Razorbacks for defeating South Carolina. I was most impressed with Dungee’s play making ability. She is skilled and unstoppable. With Monk’s ball handling, and Tolfree’s three-point shooting, Williams and others cleaning the board, they have come to their own at the right time. Regardless what happens the rest of the tourney, we can see how ladies’ team is making significant progress into the future when they improve in size next year and on. WPS.

In today’s college basketball. hit threes at a 50% rate and shoot well overall, you have a chance of winning any game against anybody. Ladies are hot from the three.

But it’s so bittersweet when the refs try and can’t.