Arkansas 8th in the coaches poll

Makes sense; we were nearly run ruled at home versus the mighty panthers of EIU.

But, what bothers me was our paltry 4 base hits; reminding me that the Hogs season batting average is only .005 better than our opponents.

This team has a long ways to go. I love our book end starters and if Mac can throw the ball the way he did this weekend we will have three good starters… The bullpen is the nightmare that is unfolding right now that will absolutely destroy us unless we get it figured out by the time we start SEC play.

The offense has a chance to be pretty good I wouldn’t consider it great but I think it can be good enough to win with if our Pitching and defense can get stabilized.

I’m really worried about our bullpen. It has been atrocious in our two losses. Gonna take more than Tygart & Frank to do well. Might have had a couple of others, but I can only remember the debacle from yesterday.

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DVH will get the pitchers he can trust and roll with them. It’s important for all of us to see that he has done it this way for years. Franks wants available that was the problem! One more relatable arm and normally Adcock gets the job done. They won’t be perfect but after Adcock there wasn’t a souls
Able to sit them down and our defensive blunders killed us.

I sure hope Adcock can be a reliable arm for us but the reality of the situation is he’s never had an era under 5 no matter where he’s been…

Morris is the one that’s got to get it together! We have some good arms down there…Dossett is one that could help us. Ledbetter showed promise last year in the World series… Woods could help us a lot if he can learn to locate.I like Coil too…
We are going to need at least 4-5 dependable relievers if we’re going to be winning many games this year.

I’m confused about the poll, we lose 1 and drop two spots, Vandy lost two and stays ahead? LSU lost one and stays number 1. I know it’s early but what are they looking at?

Losing Wiggins’s was a big deal. But I have confidence Hobbs/DVH will coach them up.

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Arkansas and Vanderbilt are separated by six points. It’s essentially a toss up.

Vanderbilt played UCLA last week; Arkansas played Eastern Illinois. I’m sure that played into the thought process for some of the voters, especially since both teams went 2-1 against the same teams in Arlington.

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