Arkansas 88, Houston 80, OT final

Chelsea Dungee had 37 points. Big play of the game was when she got an and-one in OT which could have been her fifth foul on a charge.

We won this one at the line. Hogs made 28 of 34 while Cougar High made 11 of 15.

UAB next up in the round of 8, probably on Sunday at BWA.

Sunday @ 2 but location wasn’t mentioned!

watching on the computer it looked like a good loud crowd,any estimates on size?

Heard over 3500

That twice the size of the crowd that Bama men’s team had last night for their loss in the NIT! I enjoy the crowd calling the hugs for the ladies!

It will be at BWA, as expected, at 2 pm Sunday

They said 3600 but I’ve been going since BWA opened and would guess at least 5000