Arkansas 87, Central Missouri 60 - final

Dusty Hannahs 17
Manny Watkins 10 points, 9 rebounds
Jaylen Barford 10 points, 8 rebounds

Kingsley, Macon, Beard and Cook all with 8 points

Thomas 6
Bailey 5
Jones 4
Hazen 2
Thompson 1

1-18 for 3pts

whoa. we are not the golden state warriors friends. we have to make a huge jump in defensive prowess from last year. our offensive talent should be good. but it is clearly not every-night-good.

anyone that watched tonight, why did Moses not dominate the box score against these d2 boys?

Moses did alright. He had a nice spurt where he was dominating in the lane and drawing fouls and even had a really nice dunk. To be honest everyone started off slow in the first half, you could tell everyone was kinda nervous and playing a little timid. In second half we got off to a fast start and was getting easy buckets in transition and starters didn’t play much second half because we were up so much.

cool. good to know everybody got good minutes. now we need leaders to emerge when the real games start.