Arkansas 76 Missouri 57 F - Box Score

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Killed them on the glass. That’s as noteworthy as the shooting from deep.

Great game on the road after the Bama debacle. Tenn riding high after blowing out KY.
Gonna be a good one Saturday

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unfortunately for the game against Tennessee on Saturday, I fear the hogs 3pt shots might not be falling. I have not went back and really looked at all the numbers, but I believe we rarely have a good 3pt game after we shoot 50%+ from 3pt range. I hope being at home and Tennessee coming off the big win over Kentucky will have Tenn primed for a loss.

I have been more worried about the Tenn game than the Kentucky game. Arkansas never has a problem getting up and playing intense for Kentucky. Got my fingers crossed.

Most teams don’t have two hot 3 pt games in a row. But we don’t need to shoot 45-50 % from 3 to win. Mid 30% or better maybe.
Just need to take good shots from 2 & 3. Don’t turn it over at high clip. Keep playing good defense

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Somebody needs to put up Umude in a hotel Fri night b4 the Tenn game and make him think its a road game…


Looking at the 3’s that the hog shot tonight most of them were good shots!
Umude is capable of having another good game from 3 against Tennessee that’s what I’m hoping.
I did notice Lykes didn’t come in off the bench and jack up shots he didn’t even take 1 shot tonight.
2 players with a double double and 5 players score in double figures that really good. Tennessee has to account for every player on the floor.
Toney needs to get going for the hogs to really be hard to beat.
4-1 over these next 5 games.

Tenn will struggle to score against Arkansas’ D. As things stand now, I feel like Arkansas’ defense is better overall than Tenn defense. Volunteers have been susceptible to long scoring droughts. The raucous crowd will get into Tenn players heads. I feel pretty good about this game actually. Main thing is to keep Chandler in check and run Vescovi off the 3-pt line. No open 3-pt looks for Vescovi and keep Chandler from driving into the paint at will.

We have been susceptible to long scoring droughts as well. Against lesser defenses than Tenn has. If our offense plays like last night we should be in good shape.
I think the atmosphere in BWA should keep Tenn rattled and us energized. Just like what happened to them at KY’s house.

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Yeah we’ve shown we can go 7 or 8 minutes without a basket, this will be a lunch money game. biggest baddest will win it. Will not be for the faint at heart.

If the game is played and called Saturday similar to last nights games both teams will need a cut man! It may be a game where neither team gets to 60. TO’s and free throws! Foul trouble could come into play with a tight called game. Williams was able to play and be solid against Fulkerson last season so I hope that’s the case again. Tennessee has been playing 3 guards a lot so staying in front of your man and stopping the dribble drive will be key.

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35 for us 32 for them…lol


Good defense keeps us in the game when we hit those 8 minute droughts so far, but the opponents have had droughts as well. The key when we go big is to dominate the boards on both ends and be able to stop the guards from driving efficiently and we have done this so far with JWill coming to help. We absolutely cannot let JWill to get in foul trouble against the Vols, our guys have not had to come in and relieve JWill against a team as good as the Vols for a extended period. Bottom line we are good enough to beat Tennessee especially in Bud Walton ! WPS


I think Arkansas will win Saturday.

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Saturday afternoon game and the weather is supposed to be nice so no excuse to not have every seat occupied. We need a charged up crowd similar to Auburn to help take care of business. GO HOGS!

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Pomeroy predicts a 1-point game in favor of EOE. Warren Nolan now predicts a 1-point win (and a 23-8/12-6 final record).

Interesting, intimates they think Tenn is better or as good as Auburn; I don’t see that.

How the game is called will be huge.We can’t lose JD,Jwill or Umude for any length of time,Tenn is as hard nosed as we are and it will be a street fight.I like it we are playing at home and hopefully we get off to a good start

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ESPN’s BPI has Tennessee as 2.5 point favorites, BTW (and they like us; we’re #21 there).

Meanwhile, Bart Torvik has us (ranked as his #16 team) as 0.8-point favorites at T-Rank, and Jeff Sagarin has EOE as 0.76-point favorites (he has us #20, Tennessee #11)

Everybody thinks it will be close, put it that way. And Torvik and BPI both have our game as the highest quality matchup in the country on Saturday.

IMO. they aren’t looking deep enough into TN’s record.

TN has just 3 SEC road wins - SC, Vandy, and MS St (good win). They have lost at Bama (by 5), at KY (by 28), and at LSU (by 12), where we won (by 7). Since our 0-3 start, we’ve played better than TN.

Granted, TN played fantastic in their HOME game against KY. They haven’t played close to that well on the road.

I may be proven wrong, but I feel pretty confident in a win Saturday. Especially since we played so well at MO after our gut wrenching loss at Bama.

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