Arkansas 71 SDS 56 Final - Box & Stats

Split Box:


South Dakota State:

Need to clean up Turnovers, 20 it too many

Need to clean up Free Throw shooting as well, 53% is not good need about another 20-25% higher to make it a strength.

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DPG was down but quality was up.

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For sure the TO’s need to be cleaned up
The free throw shooting is terrible that will have to improve.

The first 8 players were 7-17 from 3 which is 41.2%. A definite improvement! Our last seven players were 1-11 on FGA and only accounted for 4 pts. I realize that they are trying hard, but there is a definite dropoff after our first 8. I realize that Nick isn’t playing yet, but we are finding out who is going to get playing time. And our first 8 only gave up 39 pts. in the first 35 minutes so our defense was plenty good!

Pinion was uncharacteristically erratic in both his threes and his overall performance. Trying hard is not in question, he was giving it is all but in doing producing a boatload of missed assignments, fouls, ignoring his teammates, and hurrying his shots. Ford gave some good minutes. He seems to be coming along as he makes an adjustment to the college game speed.

I hope the Hogs leave these turnovers stateside when they leave for Maui.

It was good to see that Ford was basically the first guy off the bench besides the regulars. Ford’s dad has been tweeting some cryptic stuff lately. I’ve heard they are unhappy about playing time but I can’t believe they thought he would play in front of any of the guys that are getting minutes right now.

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Five dunks and one poster is a decent night, Gas.


And 7 3’s from 5 different guys on a team that can’t shoot. :sunglasses:

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