Arkansas 69 Alabama 84 Final Box




I was worried at the beginning of the season about Arkansas’ lack of outside shooting. Was hoping Nick would be the Answer then Brazile showed he could help there. Well, with both those gone, I think this game is what you will see most of the rest of the season. Teams will no honor our outside shooting and pack the paint then play very physical when we come in there. Our poor showing from the FT so far this year hasn’t helped either.

We lost tonight because of lack of outside shooting. Hands down.

Also a bit disappointed that the standard SEC home cooking we seem to run into so much on the road never seems to fall in our favor at home. We had several of their guys in foul trouble in the 1st half and none of them fouled out even though it was a drive heavy pack the paint type game, yet we lost two.

Alabama freshman 34 Arkansas freshman 7

Best freshman class in the nation

Graham had 16 points and 5 rebounds in 19 minutes on the court. That’s a lot more time than he’s been getting. For a while now, I’ve wondered why he doesn’t play more.

Auburn complained a bit about us shooting 32 free throws in the last game. Of course they won, so complaints didn’t register. Bama’s game is to drive to the hoop and lay it up or dish it out. So it is understandable why they would have lot of free throws.

Because he doesn’t play good defense.

EXACTLY RIGHT!! If anyone out there wants to know why someone is not getting on the court more, the first place I always look to with Muss is defense. I’m not saying there might not be other reasons from time to time, but I think its defense more often than not.

It is the reason most great coaches curtail playing time. If you wanted to get on the floor with Sutton, dominate in practice on defense. You will play. Nolan always told me, “Players tell me when to play them with their defense in practice.” He said Notes complained once about playing time and Nolan told him, “You will show me to play you with the way you practice defense.”

Nolan did not like some of the ways Haskins coached him about offensive flow. Shoot when you are open. But he said Haskins was right more often than not about the Iba ideas about defense earning you playing time.

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I would say Grahams offensive production more than made up for his defensive mistakes last night. I agree that hard nose defense is necessary, but lord this team is offensive challenged. I think we’ve broken 70 only once in conference. Without him I seriously doubt we would have broken 60