Arkansas 23 Tennessee 22 Coaches Poll

So ridiculous. … ches-poll/

I can see an argument for Tennessee being ranked higher.

Barely loss at Arkansas, was ranked higher going in.

I would have ranked Arkansas higher, but I don’t see it ridiculous.

Now the fact that 8 voters did not have them in the top 25 - now that’s ridiculous

Let’s see if we can win tonight on the road.

Polls are meaningless to me at this point. That will take care of itself. Yeah, let’s see if we can at least split the next two on the road.

Not at all ridiculous. Tennessee has better athletes than Arkansas and we won because we had the home advantage.

I would rank Tennessee above Arkansas but I would certainly rank Arkansas in the top 25.

Even if you take away the head to head win (which is dunb) we have the better resume.

So, yeah, it’s ridiculous.

It isn’t a “better athletes” poll. Good grief.

On a neutral court right now after watching Saturday, I certainly wouldn’t bet the house on Arkansas.

I think they are both very good teams.

Odds are we will lose at least one of the road games this week.

College hoops is statistically the most difficult major sport in America in which to win on the road.

Even good college teams fairly rarely go 2-0 on the road in a week in conference play.

But, I noticed that you set that as the bar last week and now have steered a thread about the current Top 25 in that direction.

Next will be the “MA’s teams don’t win on the road” narrative. That hasn’t been true relative to the rest of the conference since 2014.

But, I expect we will split this week and the usual gripes will start.

Good grief. You, too.

The poll should be based upon resumes. Arkansas beat Tennessee and has a better overall resume in the actual games that have actually been played on actual courts so far this season.

We beat Oklahoma on a neutral court. So we could just as easily beat Tennessee.

I think some voters are putting higher value on Tennessee having beaten 4 ACC teams including a road win at Wake Forest,

Response: I’m not following your reasoning, I believe Tennessee now has 3 losses Arkansas 2. Arkansas is the team that handed Tennessee their 3rd lost, they should be ranked ahead of them. In addition why is it with some of our so call fans their views of this victory is diminished in some sort of fashion, because we trailed the majority of the game except for the last two minutes during that span the hawgs erased an 7pts margin going ahead by one. It’s not like Tennessee hadn’t lost two previous games in the second half in similar fashion by two top twenty teams. The Regulations time for college basketball is 40mins, not 38mins what am I missing here… of course Tennessee fans are upset they just lost 3 straight games in a roll to Mike and the hawgs and this team was supposed to be Barnes best team yet…I rather focus on to nights and Saturday games

The Voters in the polls are bias and totally uninformed. There are teams in the top 25 whom haven’t beaten anyone but have only played cupcakes.
Texas Tech 12-1 will get beat tonight by Kansas. RPI 37 and SOS 166; Gonzaga RPI 73 and SOS 180. It goes on. The voters must not watch many games or pay attention to RPI or SOS.

How about now?

16 seconds left. @TN

AUB won.

No, I still wouldn’t.