Arkansas #23 in

Initial NCAA NET rankings

Surprised to see Indiana ranked under several teams with 2-3 losses.

Beat you to it, Baked.

NET ratings

As for IU, remember that NET includes some advanced metrics as well as some of the win/loss and SOS aspects of RPI. For example, IU is actually one spot below us on Pomeroy this morning.

Here’s an explanation:

Video: NET explained

Another ranking system…pfftt.Reminds me of back in '64 there was a coaches poll, United press and an Associate Press and the suck azz AP gave the National Championship to Ala. even though they lost their bowl game.Arkansas was the UNDENIABLE UNDEFEATED COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS IN 1964.IF the backs will focus on every game one at a time and keep on keeping on, It will all work out down the road.

In 1964 the AP named its national champion before the bowl games. Alabama was No. 1 in the final poll of the regular season, so it won the AP championship. The AP changed its voting procedure the following year and waited to vote on a champion after the bowl games were played.

Alabama kind of snuck in the back door to win the AP championship that year. Notre Dame had been No. 1 for several weeks, but lost to USC in the season finale. Alabama defeated Auburn and ascended to No. 1 for the first time in the final poll. It had 34 1/2 first-place votes to Arkansas’ 11 1/2 first-place votes in the final poll; both teams were 10-0. Arkansas finished No. 2 and Notre Dame was No. 3.

I know Matt ALL too well. Unfortunately,it didn’t seem to change things much back then. And it was wrong for the AP to keep bama as the '64 champs after they realized how moronic their system was in choosing a champion before the bowl game. Have they EVER fessed up to Arkansas and/or changed their final decision?

The AP’s procedure for selecting a champion was proven to be antiquated and promptly changed, but it doesn’t change the fact that a team was given its national championship trophy based on the standard practice of the time. I don’t see the AP, or any organization, ever stripping a championship.

It’s kind of like the 2003 USC team and 2004 Auburn teams aren’t going to get a BCS trophy, but their lack of one helped move the system in the right direction.

They can’t deny it regardless of what they do or don’t do. Forrest Gump could tell who the final ONLY championship team was that year. And I know it all basically boils down to just 2 things politics and bs and neither smells better than the other. For some of us older fans/dudes it still irritates me when I think about it lol I’s all good. Thanks for sharing

The ironic thing is that Arkansas was undefeated the next year (1965) … until it lost a bowl game to LSU. And of course the voting rules had been changed by then.

This is THE ranking system. It’s the only one the committee will use in March.