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For the recruiting experts…

Is the Arkansas 2022 Class truly so deep that the UA has offered eight in-state scholarships? Are these eight offers all SEC caliber players?

If not, what is CSP’s in-state recruiting philosophy? It appears to be much different than his recent predecessors. Would really appreciate some analysis and discussion. Not complaining but I have noticed a significant change in numbers and philosophy with CSP.


The 2022 football class is the deepest class in talent to come along in the last 20 years.

Its that deep. Just a few offers some of them got.

E’Marion Harris (OL): Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama, Mississippi State, etc.

Andrew Chamblee (OL): Tennessee, Virginia Tech, OK State, TCU, etc.

Quincy McAdoo (ATH): Oregon, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida State, Auburn, etc.

James Jointer (RB): Mizzou, Florida State, etc.

Dax Courtney (TE): Baylor, TCU, Mizzou, Michigan State, Vandy, etc.

Isaiah Sategna (WR): Baylor, Nebraska, etc.

Nico Davillier: Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee, etc.

JJ Hollingsworth: Arkansas, etc.

Deepest class the state of Arkansas has had in decades, and I don’t think Arkansas is done offering yet.

I do not think Sam is going to offer someone in-state who he does not think is an SEC player.

The girls basketball class of 2022 has some players getting lots of attention.


What is causing the 2022 class (once again, not complaining) to be such a historical outlier? A change in a policy or funding (high school, state, etc…)? If this class is truly the “Monster Class” that it apparently is, it could be a game changer for the UA football program and the state of Arkansas. What an opportunity. If they desire to do so, these athletes have a once in a generation opportunity to return the UA and the state of Arkansas to glory.


Arkansas signed 15 in-state kids in the 2008 class. Some years you just have an abnormal number of in-state kids that are SEC talent.

247, today, came out with their top 20 Arkansas recruits in the class of 2022. They are not quite as high on it as many on here, but they like the class. This is just 247 rankings, not their composite.

They have 9 ranked as an 86 or better and say that is the highest since 2016. There are only 2 recruits (Sategna #155 and Chamblee #229) that made their top 247. E marion Harris was listed as a 4-star, but just outside of their top 247. There were 6 other solid (86+ ranking) 3-stars.

It should be OK to link this list. I’m not a member, so it’s open to the public:

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