Arkansas 2020 hoops recruiting target Chris Moore (updated 8:10 p.m.)

7 points, 4 rebounds, a block, an assist and a steal - and two fouls - in the opening half for West Memphis, who leads Joplin 43-28 at halftime at the Neosho Holiday Classic.

West Memphis jumped out to 23-3 lead and then put its second team in.

Joplin is led by Zach Westmoreland, a 6-2, 210 wide receiver who has an offer from Oklahoma. He has 12 points

Moore finished with 13 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks and a steal in his team’s 77-57 win over Joplin.

Talked to Chris, Marcus Brown and Chris’ brother Alvin, who is an assistant for the Blue Devils.

I get the feeling that Arkansas is in great shape with him after talking to those three.

Oklahoma State, Memphis and Auburn are in the race as well and Texas Tech has recently jumped in.

He’s got around 12 offers.

Has visited Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn.

Did not make it to Kentucky and North Carolina, neither one who has offered as of yet, due to two deaths in the family in late October and early November.

He;'s in no big rush and the decision will likely go into the fall of 2019.

When I ask basketball people about Chris, they don’t have a single negative to say about him and work ethic comes up right away. A must have.

What kind of shooter is he?? Does he have a Post up game??

I don’t really recall him taking many shots outside of the paint while watching him play high school and AAU basketball.

He has a big-time inside game with a vast array of moves.

I am big, big fan of his.

He is also just chiseled at 227.

That sounds great Dudley we need someone very badly who we can throw the ball into and can really do damage. Someone who will pound the boards and can score underneath. Gafford is getting better just a shame he won’t be here to go along with this guy if we get him.

Is it fair to say that he may have a little Big Nasty in him?


Who is our main competition for his signature?