Arkansas 2017 PG target?

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J Fitzgerald took on a different role this season at Cardinal Newman after the departures of John Collins (Wake Forest) and Abdul Dial (St. John’s) from last year’s squad, but boy did he step up to the plate. Fitzgerald averaged 28 points per game (had a 38 ppg two week stretch, as well as a career-high 50 point game) while leading the Crusaders to their 3rd straight District championship

I wouldn’t say he’s a target just yet. They are looking at him, but it’s not serious enough to write about yet.

Should be able to talk about another kid soon.

He can score. I hope his academics are in good shape. Hope we land a true point guard. And another big man.
Have you had the chance to see Tes Kapita play in a game this year for NC State?

Are you able to say position?

I’m not expecting anything to happen with KJ. I think Arkansas has evaluated him and won’t be going forward.

Based on what I’ve seen and read, I thought that might happen. More of a scorer and not a facilitator. That doesn’t meet a need for us.

Funny, I just posted about this kid, I think it was accidentally on the wrong board. Agreed too, he’s a scorer, another player who wants to dominate the basketball. My south Florida friends think he’s really good.