Arkansas # 1 recruiting class.. here they are


We beat UNC on their field and then we take a pitcher right out from under their noses.

Got one from a fairly well known school in Hawaii too.

Yeah it’s absolutely amazing how widespread our baseball program reaches there’s about 9 or 10 states we got them from

The key is getting them to campus. A MLB exec told me that until a couple of years ago only 5 percent of the Perfect Game top 100 get to campus.

That is fast changing because of NIL. The draft rules and penalties for paying over slot have helped colleges, too.

This guy has long been my friend. He is involved deep in draft. He told me last week what Arkansas is doing is unprecedented and this usually pays off on the field.


Clay that is so awesome to hear! I really want Dave to get a national championship

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The softball signees are from all over the place too.

Yeah I love what our softball team is doing too they are so much fun to watch. They had the number one recruiting class that will be taking the field this year can’t wait to see how they do

Courtney Deifel spoke at the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club this week. Her perspective on building a program was great. She spoke about how it can be gradual AND how taking a few steps backwards can often be part of the process.

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I wonder if she talking about this team??? They are losing a lot of players but bringing in the number one class in the country… I hope they can do real well

I think she’s talking about her previous results. She went from 1 to 7 to 12 SEC wins in her first three seasons, won 12 again in year 4, then the COVID year was not going well before the 'rona ended it. Since then, 19-5 twice.

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Yeah Jeff that makes sense

She was talking about her teams, but she was also talking about the football situation. I wish I could quote the entire discussion. @MattJones might give more insight as he did the interview.

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