Arkansaas players looking ahead, ignoring outside noise (Story)... … ok-behind/

Personally, I think the team and coaches should stay pissed until the next kickoff and be determined to not allow it to happen again the way it did last game.

Not sure how to take some of the comments…context I guess would be the most important thing…but for instance Froholdt’s comments…“we’ve lost before…” I hope that doesn’t mean a culture of losing or expectation of losing has crept in as in…“no big deal we’ve lost before…”

Like I said I wasn’t there to hear the context but i would hope the team would be angry, somewhat embarrassed and looking to redeem themselves on Saturday…

As I have been saying for many years now. They have changed coaches and everything, but the losses in key games continue. Its happening for two reasons. Moore came from the same whole as the rest of their poor coach choices. Second the losses are happening because of the upper office and recruiting style. They keep using the everything in the kitchen sink philosophy and this losing key games will not stop. What im saying is the kids they choose are good, but they all do not belong there( telling them anything). If AR wants a winning season, get rid of the coach( again) get rid of the upper office( for sure or it will never happen), and change your coaching strategy. AKA stop acting and lying like you are a winning program. Moore is absolutely one of the biggest issues. Ignoring the outside noise that pays your tuition and salaries isnt smart. All that money, support and never winning, I smell spoil talent. You need a coach that understands the psychological value of winning, not just over working the front offices choices. Stars are not born they are made. And AR do not know how to make one. Then the ones they choose to worship are duds. This season will mysteriously end like all the rest. Good ole boy style is dead. Get a real educated coach with ethical values. Personnally I donot think God is in the program. Sure supports the young people but the staff is old blood. You cannot put new wine in an old wine bag. The new wine will spoil faster…aka spoiling the talent, mysterious losses. Dont believe me hell delete it. It will change nothing. Im always right. Dump everybody in the office thats been there over 3 years. They are all loser. After all thats whats been happening. These kids need a knowledgeable uptodate leadership. This is same old…keep the legacy in our family losses…PROMISE! Stir the pot win more games. You choose, or just delete it.

This comes from coaches not on strict incentive plans. Whats happening is coaches that get spoiled and treated like gods without proof of supernatural power, and a team full of diaper dandies untamed. Spoiled rotten program with poor history trying validate their ego. School has the potential to be the best around, but prefer to just stand in the mirror. I do not blame the players. Goes to show you can beat the heck out ofem but it doesnt guarantee a win. Sport psych wins games. Not dirt road drinking buddies. Clean up the program.

I feel like I’m in an airport and overheard someone talking about a bomb. Not arguing with a thing you posted because I don’t understand enough to praise or argue.

But doesn’t even know the coach’s name (or a lot of other things).

Did the Unabomber get a laptop for his birthday? Manifesto looks familiar

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This really is a wonder. I’d like to know what some parts are intended to mean. “Everything in the kitchen sink,” “they all do not belong there (telling them anything),” “Then the ones they choose to worship are duds,” “You need a coach that understands the psychological value of winning.”

I wonder how Chad “Moore came from the same whole as the rest of their poor coach choices.” I wonder how this got written. I don’t know where I am right now.

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