Arkadelphia QB


I read the Arkadelphia QB has been offered PWO to play linebacker…I’ve watched several games this year and he’s a good size kid…What are your thoughts?

Scherer has liked him since the spring-summer as a LB. He has good speed (4.7 or so) and looks to be a physical runner. He has the size at 6-3, 220 plus he played LB as a sophomore.

Definitely a physical runner; he will truck little DBs. He also can throw the ball about 60 yards; the poor guy doing the camera on Arkadelphia’s streaming video has a really hard time following his deep ball. Pitches on the baseball team, also a wrestler (I doubt you see many QB/wrestling combos even in wrestling states like Iowa or OK).

He made it to the state semi-finals as a junior which was his first year to wrestle.

Scherer has a wrestling background and I think that helped too.