Ark vs SC game 1 of DH

Why run the count full. Get ahead and it’s a lot easier to get the call.

Deep flyout, no damage

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That could be sweet fly ball to Left

4 solid inn for Pallete,lets get him some runs!

Pallette sure runs into some deep counts but gets out of it. 3 K’s. It would be nice to get some more runs.

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What a pitch!!

Hoping he can at least get through the fifth. He’s at 63 pitches through four.

Definitely would be nice for sure

OK let’s make that E hurt!

Gotta swing on that one Matt!

Wow Goodheart caught looking at strike 3 for the first out. With no outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd we have been pretty bad the last 2 games to this point.

Wallace hasn’t been really seeing it well, lay off the CB, make him come to you

Come on Slavens lay off the CB! BB is a Run…ball head high Brady! Good job sac fly!

Hurt their feelings Franklin!

OK Bob Moore! Do yo thang! Need a Big hit here to get some breathing Room!

Ole pitcher wasn’t happy! Lol

Oh well. Sac fly is all we got! Tough way to leave runners on base.

Letting them hang around with all these stranded runners, long inn, hope Palette can remain sharp

Whew hung that one.

Great job Palette! do we call on Kopps for 4 inn?