Ark vs. rice

I live in Bentonville. I have Dish Network. I pay for the SEC network. I have always found the games in the past. I just went to the SEC Network channels and the only game I see at 1pm tomorrow is Kentucky on 404-01. I figure I can get an answer about the game here quicker than calling Dish and talking to someone from Bangladesh! Which Dish channel # will the game be on?

Sec+ or espn + app streaming only, so not sure if it’s on dish

The game will not be on any channel on Dish or any other TV provider. It will be streaming only through SEC Network+ or ESPN+.

If you pay for the SEC Network, you should be able to stream the game.

Even when I went to the ESPN3 platform, the game was only listed under the subscribe service of ESPN+… never found it on SECN+. So I subscribed for 6.99 for a month. I’ve always been able to stream the games via ESPN3 no matter what channel ESPN, ESPNU, SEC, SECN+ because I was afforded the access via my DirectTV or Dish Network depending on which I had at the time. This time I have Direct and it sure didn’t let me stream any of the ESPN+ items I’ve tried for the last couple of days. So I broke down and dropped the 6.99 and now I can watch the ESPN+ stuff as well.

I had to search for Arkansas on the ESPN app home page and found 2 entries for Rice/AR… one for ESPN+ and one for SEC+… didn’t see the SEC+ on the home page under football etc… pretty sneaky on ESPN’s part I’d say…

Good find SD… I went back and did a better bit of searching and I did find it that way. Yes I have to agree that is kinda sneaky marketing by ESPNs platform. Evidently it worked on me, hook , line, and sinker. Oh well, just 6.99, but still I hate being tricked like that.

Yeah… thinking I’m going to need the ESPN+ eventually…but not yet :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

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I APPARENTLY will be able to watch on my computer with like I saw most baseball games. BUT I added the ESPN app to my smart TV and then was asked to pay a monthly or yearly fee. I opted for the yearly fee $69/99 then it said my TV was not connected to the Internet but Sony rep said it is…anyway bottom line I don’t think I will be able to watch on my TV…my 106" projection TV/home theater is going to waste!!. I spent well over one hour with a Dish dork and he gave up. Obviously he can’t help with the connection problem.

That’s what I keep hearing…but getting it streamed to my smart TV is more than I could handle…as noted on another rely I posted.

search for Arkansas on the ESPN app home page and you’ll find 2 entries for Rice/AR… one for ESPN+ and one for SEC+ as noted in small print below the Icons… the SEC+ one won’t require a charge if your TV provider has the SEC Network

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For all you guys trying to stream…

You HAVE TO HAVE the ESPN app installed somewhere. On a smart TV or on a streaming device connected to your TV. You then log into that app using your credentials from wherever you subscribe to SECN


Thanks sdhog, I finally got this notice last night:
Your device has been connected to your ESPN account
I agreed to a $6.99/mo charge. For me, better safe than sorry. I will die with money in the bank even paying this fee.

SEC plus on infinity. Insisted on sports package when wife renegotiated our subscription

I have Netflix as well as dish. I pay for the ESPN app and use my TV provider info and watch Sports there when our hogs aren’t on TV on dish. This is the best way to watch our hogs baseball team too! I think it’s 3.99 or 6.99 a month.

Anybody know actual KO time? I assume the broadcast will start at 1:00 as advertised, but if I click on too early sometimes I have to start all over again with finding the game (It won’t automatically start if I click on too early). ~1:02 SHOULD be safe, but still…

I’m not sure.

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