Ark vs Ole Miss SEC tourney

I’m working on it. I just got home.

Goodheart in Lf, hadn’t played there all yr… thought he couldn’t throw? Great offensive line up. Though


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Well he did the arm old thing at the plate took a pitch he could drive got the count to 2-1 and then took a rip at a pitch up and hit a fly out to LF.
The. We got a double and a homer.
Goodheart needs to be swinging at strikes.

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In Ca the game isn’t showing on screen and shows sec alt? Has the tenn-fl game on main channel? No picture on sly just voice? Anyone having these problems

Dang. I thought Welch had that one off the bat!!

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Thought Welch got him one. Dang!

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After 1/2 inning

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It on SECN here

If you are streaming, go out of your app and reload it to refresh the schedule

why are we the visiting team today?as the #1 seed shouldn’t we be the home team until someone beats us like in the basketball tournament?


Maybe ESPN wants this playing out to the bottom of the 9th for viewing

Besides they want to see Kopps

Just a guess

Tournaments don’t work that way
It’s whoever has been the home team the least and a coin flip if it’s tied.

We will not be home team in every game in regionals or Supers

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i knew that applied in the NCAA Tournament but couldn’t understand the SEC

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Double play yes!!

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Bolden is making this hard on himself

Does anyone really understand the SEC?

Especially the Football replay booth

Back to baseball

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No problem watching here.