Ark vs Murray thread

Absolutely amazing how these soft throwing LH totally dominate us, we look clueless so far, hopefully he will hit a couple bats with men on, but so far it’s been hard to watch except for Moore who’s the only one so far that has taken the right approach, going the other way

Cmon Slavens he hasn’t thrown you a strike yet! great AB by wallace and opitz

Pallette has had to work hard so far. Not necessarily bad in the long run.

Whiffle ball!

This is a taste of adversity he needs to experience. This lets you know how much metal and heart a young pitcher has.

He’s not real sharp although umpire has cost him 2 BB,Pallete gets the ball in the zone a lot,and even a team like Murray with team BA of .257 has put some good swings on him, you better be able to put the ball on the corners in the SEC or they’re going to go a long ways

Well that is disappointing

Noland “pitching to contact”
Contact which now puts us behind

Noland had nothing today, hard to believe as good as he was the other day. We better start swinging the Bats, we will get everyone best shot now for sure

Never have understand that theory of pitching to contact, I always thought you should do your best to keep them from hitting the ball at all


Stellar bullpen being less than stellar

We look like we have not played in a week not very many good swing being display today

I don’t think we are going to be this great potent offense that keeps being talked about. But I really thought the depth of the pitching could carry us. Pitching has been hot and cold so far.

just to do the basics, Murray is up 6-3 bottom of 5th. Just put 4 across in top.

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Time for bats to come alive.

There it is…Moore bat to the ball.

Moore just a great hitter, very smart, knows how to hit

This guy for them is Tenn transfer, good pitcher.

We’re swinging for the fences…

Got our work cut out for us against this guy! Nasty! Hate those sidewinders.death on RH

Yep they are in full launch mode.

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