Ark vs Auburn Game Thread

Anyone interested?

Gosh Hogs are in trouble

So much for Shaun White not being a runner

So, much for the talking heads at ESPN being wrong about AUB, huh.

Appears so. Buzzsaw.

Well let’s s see if our Razorbacks respond

Buzzsaw is a great discription…

Yikes :shock:

Looks like Bret and Dan want to spot them 21

is coming…guess Vegas got it right…so far very embarrassing

Anouncer says Hogs are overmatched

Man - I hate hearing that

Gut check Razorbacks

Now time to adapt and attack

Our O-Line is not good but a couple of these sacks were from great coverage by Auburns DBs. It appears Austin has few options downfield.

Down 21 and don’t see much reason to believe we can score 21 during the entire game

Not gonna happen.

They are out coaching us. I’ve watched AUB’s defense make audibles at the last second three times (that I’ve seen) and it’s been a tackle for loss each time. They know our plays by the way we are lining up. This is gonna be a loooooooong night. We also have the Petrino fans showing up.

Man, can’t get a break

this is tough.

Have a good night folks.

Ill review the damage tomorrow.

Auburn is not this good and we are not this bad.

Need to answer with 7 on this drive

If they aren’t that good, then (in the words of Vince Lombardi) What the hell is going on out here?

Hayden Johnson just layed the wood on a block on the 3rd down. He’s a keeper.

Gosh this is horrible

Austin is down

I hate losing to these guys…hate it.

Very worried about Austin, any updates?