Ark-Vandy Game 2

Gregory in for lanzilli is the only change.

Vandy starter is very very good 64 in pitched only 43 hits.79 K teams only hitting .184 against him. But ERA is 3.84 he does have 32 walks so we just have to take advantage of the mistakes he makes and hopefully Smith is on.

Well let hope our hogs win!

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Didn’t get the call!!! Seems like we don’t get a bunch of them lately

Great ump again

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Hagen’s got good stuff tonight though… he looks much better but he has been

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Normal not getting the call. You can bet that would be a strike with the hogs batting.


Boom Wallace

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I like it!

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What do you know Wallace hit a lead off homer and the hogs have the lead.

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Boom, for Wallace!
That’s a great way to start off !!

Moore has got to learn to lay off the high pitch that’s what they’re getting him out on

Tight zone

Lead off walk. Smith needs to throw to the cracker box strike zone.

With a tight strike zone why swing at junk.

As long as it’s the same strike zone for both teams.

This year’s team is not known the strike zone as good as last year’s

Bradfield changes the game more than anybody in the country…

The Whistler is apparently here…

He better watch out for the good ole boys…

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