Ark v Texas....Just bought my seats

2 seats, row G behind the Hog’s bench. $84 each.

Can’t wait!


Great. I don’t get Longhorn Network, so expecting you to file a page long eyewitness report before you go to bed that night. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Well crap, I thought I got the LHN, but I’ve scrolled through the entire YTTV menu and I don’t see it. I guess I was remembering my AT&T U-Verse menu.

Well, I can get the LHN network through my ESPN+ streaming subscription through my ROKU! I forgot about that. PJ, if you have ESPN+ you may also be able to get the LHN.

I had not thought about that. I do have ESPN+ of course. Thanks.

I have YouTube tv and ESPN+. A couple of weeks ago I attempted to watch the end of a UT game on ESPN+ and received a message that I did not have the Longhorn Network and could not view the game on ESPN+

If I am reading this right, it is just not available if you don’t have one of the listed “affiliated video service provider” even through espn+ or watchESPN

And here is that list.

Remember when you are streaming through ESPN+, it asks for your affiliated service provider, I give it Youtube TV and that will let most things work but since YoutubeTV isn’t on the list above. . it won’t work for this. … I’m disapointed I won’t get to watch it but there is no way I’m going to get service from one of those providers just to watch one game, just too expensive.

I have the same set-up, but I’m streaming ESPN+ through my ROKU. I have been doing that for the last 3 years. It started when I still had U-Verse which is how my ROKU saw my ESPN+. I tested it last night and was able to get LHN. Maybe the ROKU makes a difference?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have the Longhorn Network in my DirecTV sports package, which is nice since I pay thru the nose for it.


I’m no way a reporter, but I will be calling the Hogs!

I’ll let the pros do their jobs.

Back in the late 80’s (I don’t remember the year) I lived in Lexington, Ky. I remember going to the first Ark v UK game there and being one of only about 30 hog fans in the arena. I got 1 seat, 15 rows up center court, given to me by a long-time season ticket holder. I was surrounded by so many blue shirts and I was the only Red standing out in the crowd. I got so many stares when I yelled at the refs on bad calls. It was a bit intimidating. Seems like we won that game.

I’m sure this will be similar, but with more Hog fans there this time…plus a win.

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