Ark upsets #1 LSU 2007 highlights

such an Awesome game!! we had some unbelievable backs but that OL would get after you!!

2010 another great one with LSU,one of the greatest OL drives in Ark history in the 4th qtr where they go 91 yds,pretty much all runs and that OL shows you to run block! had ro settle for a FG but was an awesome display!


Two great games! thanks for the share! We can do this!! I Loved that 2007 team. Man, how much fun was it watching 5, 25, and 22!

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The 2007 game was my first in Death Valley. It was insanely loud that day, especially in overtime.

Afterward, though, Baton Rouge was a ghost town, at least around campus. It was eery walking out of the stadium and seeing so few cars at 8 or 9 p.m. Everyone was depressed and went home.

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That 2007 game was the most fun I’ve ever had watching a Razorback football game that I didn’t attend live. My girlfriend (in VA Beach) and I had taken a 4-day long week-end trip to New Orleans and were staying at Harrah’s.

We, in our Razorback shirts, went to the big bar just outside the Casino floor and were sitting at the bar that was full of blue and gold cladded LSU fans. There were occasional, little testy, but friendly (I think), barbs thrown back an forth with the LSU fans early in the game. Soon, a guy in a Texas Tech shirt sat down next to me and said, “Razorback fans huh, you’re kinda outnumbered here. I thought I’d join in on rooting for an old Southwest Conference foe and help you a bit.”

What a great game to watch in that environment, especially with the ending. I believe the TT fan was almost as excited as we were. Next best way to watch outside of actually attending the game. Matt, I can only imagine how loud that stadium must have been. Probably shaking the stadium seats.


Me and my wife at the time were debating on whether to go to the game because we only live about two and a half hours from baton rouge, she really wanted to go and rooted for the Hogs just because I did, but I said babe we’re going to get killed!! so I decided not to go and I have regretted that to this day!!

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